Hello...i come with my husbent end we have best holiday in Carmen hotel. I been many hotel but kleopatra Carmen hotel so nice clean hotel.beach so nice... Very nice food... Resteorant personel so good make service.good we have holidays..really have to come every one Carmen hotel.thankyou full foreverting... Thankyou.

Elena An - Advisor

The first experience of traveling abroad is very important. Lucky to be here. This hotel turned out to be just a fairy tale for the money, and helped to ensure that our 2-3 days stay at the resort turned out to be unforgettable. We ate richly and variedly, slept in comfort under the air conditioner, washed ourselves in a comfortable shower.

Alexsey Beringer - Advisor

Settlement. Standard at 14:00. I was escorted to the room (No. 301 in the first building) by the manager himself. With him, they immediately checked everything so that where it was necessary to flow and  turn on, close…

Avtor Otzivov - Advisor